Laser Gum Treatments

Laser Gum Treatments

Gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis can be quite severe as they negatively affect an individual’s entire oral health. They can have symptoms such as the decay of the soft gum tissues, bleeding and discharge of pus from the gums, deeper gum pockets, redness, pain while chewing food or brushing the teeth, etc. If left untreated for a considerable period, the condition can worsen and result in jawbone deterioration, loosening of the teeth from the socket, and ultimately result in tooth loss. Hence, it is best to get them treated as early as possible to stay clear of such adverse effects.

What causes gum diseases?

The tartar deposits that get accumulated near the gum line are known to be the most common cause of gum diseases. The microbes release acidic substances, which have the ability to decay the soft gum tissues. Gum diseases could also develop due to external oral trauma to the gums, root canal infection, etc.

How are they treated?

Initially, we will remove the tartar deposits near the gum line and under the gums. This is carried out through scaling and root planing, which are known to provide significant relief from gum diseases. Next, the decayed gums have to be removed to halt the spread of the infection. Earlier, dentists used to do this by surgically removing the gum tissues and closing the wounds using sutures. This method would require local anesthesia as it would be painful, and the healing period would usually last for a few weeks, making it inconvenient for patients.

At our dental practice, we use laser technology to remove the decayed tissues. A highly-intense beam of the laser is directed at the decayed tissues, which helps to vaporize them. This method eliminates the need for anesthesia or sutures, as the wound will be instantly sealed after the tissues are removed. Also, a healing period of a couple of days would suffice. The dentist will also suggest suitable medication to counter the infection and arrest its spread.

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