Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment

Having strong and healthy teeth is truly a blessing. Getting to eat anything you wish without having to worry about developing cavities can be a luxury. But, for this, the teeth need to be strong and healthy enough to prevent decay. Various minerals in the teeth help in this regard and also keep them from undergoing wear and chipping.

Fluoride is one of the essential minerals that keep the teeth resistant to cavities. Our body receives the ideal amount of fluoride from drinking water and the toothpaste we use. However, if the body doesn’t receive an adequate amount of fluoride, the teeth may become susceptible to cavities, excessive wear, and damage due to external trauma.

How do the teeth lose fluoride?

This is a process called demineralization, which in simple terms, is the fluoride and minerals getting washed away from the porous tooth structure. This usually occurs when you consume a lot of acidic food and beverages, such as soda and other aerated drinks. Though 80% of Americans are provided with drinking water enriched with fluoride, a significant proportion of them face a lack of the mineral.

What is the solution?

The best way to replenish the ideal amount of fluoride in the teeth is through a fluoride treatment. The dentist will diagnose your oral cavity thoroughly and determine whether or not you require fluoride treatment. A topical fluoride applicant is applied on the teeth and allowed to stay for a few minutes, after which it will be rinsed off. Additionally, the dentist may prescribe fluoride supplements to make the teeth stronger and fight off cavity-causing bacteria.

If you are looking for an effective preventive treatment, our dentist, Dr. Jason Cowden, may recommend that you get a fluoride treatment. Call 505-867-3999 to schedule your fluoride treatment in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Our team at Cowden Family Dental looks forward to caring for your smile.

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