Multiple missing teeth can hinder oral functionality significantly. It may be almost impossible to bite and chew food effectively, which in turn affects the digestion. Most importantly, you wouldn't have the confidence to socialize with people if you're missing your natural teeth, fearing it could lead to embarrassment. These, and a few other drawbacks, can negatively influence your routine lifestyle, which is why we suggest you get the missing teeth restored with prosthetic ones at the earliest.

What's the best way to restore multiple missing teeth?

If you have lost a tooth or two, we would ideally suggest dental bridges or implants. But, when the number of missing teeth is more, using these dental restorations to replace the teeth wouldn't be a feasible solution. Hence, in such instances, we recommend prosthetic dentures. They are made from acrylic and dental-grade ceramic to mimic the gums and teeth, respectively. The fact that they are removable makes dentures a highly sought-after solution to replace missing teeth.

Why should you choose dentures?

  • Dentures are removable oral prostheses
  • They are customized to mimic the appearance of your natural teeth
  • They help you bite and chew food effectively
  • They are durable and long-lasting
  • They can be fabricated to replace all or just a few selected teeth, depending on the number of missing teeth
  • Cleaning dentures is quite easy
  • They make your cheeks and chin look fuller, thereby making you look younger


When you visit the dental practice for an initial consultation, the dentist will conduct a thorough diagnosis and determine your candidacy for dentures. Depending on the number of teeth you've got extracted, the dentist will suggest partial or complete dentures. If you wish to get your existing teeth removed due to cavities or damage, the dentist will help extract them. X-rays and digital scans will be taken to create a digital impression of the teeth, which will then be sent to a dental laboratory for fabricating the dentures.

It may take a couple of weeks for the dentures to be ready. After this, the dentist will schedule a follow-up appointment to give you the dentures. The dentures will be placed in the mouth and checked for perfect fit and comfort. If any modifications are required, we will make necessary changes to ensure they fit well and do not slip off when you talk or laugh. It is crucial you care for them well to avoid any damage, such as warping, loosening of the prosthetic teeth, or cracking them. Handle them with care, store them in a glass of water overnight, do not bite or chew hard foods, and clean them regularly.

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