Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Have you ever seen someone with a missing tooth and felt that their smile is ruined by it? A missing tooth might affect the facial esthetics and cause many issues concerning the functionality of the mouth. This is why a lot of importance is given to replacing extracted teeth.

What are dental implants?

Implants are widely regarded as the best replacement for natural teeth. They are composed of a Titanium stud, that acts as the artificial tooth root, and a ceramic crown, which acts as the visible tooth crown. Together, they work in unison and replace the entire tooth and improve both the esthetics and functionality of the mouth.

Why is restoring missing teeth essential?

  • First and foremost, the appearance of the smile would take a serious hit. The gap left by the missing tooth can make you feel very conscious when you smile or talk to people. It mainly affects your self-confidence and leaves you feeling embarrassed when someone points out at the missing tooth.
  • When a tooth is extracted from the socket, a gap will be left in the jawbone. This allows the other teeth in the mouth (mostly the ones closest to the gap) to drift from their positions. This could easily cause a malocclusion, change the facial shape, and even lead to TMJ disorder.
  • A missing tooth can induce a lot of unwanted and unequal stresses on the adjoining teeth. This can lead to pain in the teeth, jaws, and facial muscles.
  • The way you bite and chew food with a missing tooth would change vastly. Also, the phonetics would differ, and you would sound very different.

Why should you choose dental implants?

  • An implant replaces both the tooth root and crown. This prevents the drifting of the teeth from their original positions, thereby preventing malocclusion and change in the facial shape. Also, complexities such as TMJ disorder, wear of teeth, etc. will be reduced.
  • Implants are very strong and durable. Since they are made from Titanium and ceramic, they offer excellent resistance to wear and breakage.
  • The ceramic used for the crown is stain-resistant. However, thorough and regular oral cleaning is required to keep the implant crown looking as good as new.
  • The implant would look precisely like a natural tooth. Anyone who looks at your smile wouldn’t have even the faintest idea that you have an implant replacing your missing tooth.
  • The biting and chewing ability would be restored to normal. Since it is a strong restoration, it wouldn’t break even upon chewing hard foods.

Treatment procedure

The implant procedure would start with a thorough screening process. Oral x-rays and scans will be taken to determine the placement of the teeth and to check for any cavities or oral infections. The data from the scans will be sent over to a dental laboratory where the implant crown will be fabricated.

During the surgery, local anesthesia is administered. A small incision would be made on the gums to expose the jawbone. A high-accuracy dental instrument will be used to create a small hole in the jawbone, after which the implant stud will be inserted into place. After the surgery, the wound will be allowed to heal, and the gums will be allowed to regrow around the implant for a period of a few months.

After the healing period, the crown will be attached to the implant using a connecting element called the abutment. Also, dental adhesives will be used to bond it to the implant firmly. Finally, the bite and comfort of the patient will be checked, and the crown may be polished to improve the aesthetics.

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