Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is one of the foremost things people notice when they see you, and honestly, it can make a huge first impression. Not all of us have a Hollywood smile that we can flaunt without being too conscious of. Dental concerns such as discolored teeth, damaged or naturally misshapen teeth, gum diseases, malocclusion, etc. can make the smile displeasing. However, cosmetic dentistry can address them and help you achieve a smile that you’ve always wanted.

What are the procedures offered under cosmetic dentistry?

Teeth whitening: Teeth whitening is the process of using a whitening gel to get rid of the stains from the surface of the teeth. The gel contains a bleaching agent called hydrogen peroxide, which readily liberates oxygen molecules when activated. It bleaches the staining particles by entering the porous structure of the teeth, leaving behind a brighter smile.

Crowns & Veneers: Crowns are dental restorations used to treat oral conditions such as broken, cracked, chipped, excessively spaced, or severely worn-out teeth. They look exactly like the natural teeth but are hollow on the inside. On the other hand, veneers are ceramic restorations that are bonded to the frontal surface of the teeth. They are custom-fabricated according to the shape of the teeth and are used primarily for cosmetic purposes.

Dental implants, bridges, and dentures: Replacing missing teeth is crucial in restoring both oral functionality and aesthetics. The most stable and long-lasting teeth restorations are dental implants, as they are inserted directly into the jawbone. As a simpler alternative, we can suggest dental bridges. They are bonded in place with the help of dental adhesives. If you are missing more teeth, prosthetic dentures are the better solution.

Gum contouring: If your gums have receded below the ideal gum line, turned red, or discharge pus as a result of gum diseases, it can ruin the aesthetics of the smile. More importantly, they can upset the entire oral health. Hence, we treat gum diseases by getting rid of the plaque and tartar deposits, removing the infected tissues using laser therapy, and grafting healthy tissues in their place.

Orthodontics: Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of malocclusion. The dentist will either suggest dental braces or clear aligners, such as Invisalign, to treat the condition. Appropriately aligned teeth enhance the esthetics of the smile and reduce the chances of developing cavities, enabling you to brush the teeth better, etc.

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