Dental Crowns in One Appointment: In-House Crowns made using Planmeca E4D

Dental Crowns in One Appointment: In-House Crowns made using Planmeca E4D

Posted by Dr. Cowden on Oct 27 2020, 11:36 PM

Traditionally, dental crowns would take days or even weeks to prepare ceramic crowns as dentists relied on lab technicians to build a crown that perfectly fits and matches the color of the patient’s natural teeth. The delay causes much frustration in people who have a missing or damaged tooth, especially if it is in the front. It can also cause a certain level of anxiety and unproductivity as one would feel overly self-conscious with missing teeth. However, all this is no more a concern thanks to the Planmeca E4D technology that allows the dentist himself or herself to create the perfect crown within a few hours and let you leave the clinic with an all-new bright smile in just a single one-day appointment.

Here’s all you need to know about this new and advanced dental technology.

All About Planmeca E4D Crowns

The E4D technology can help a dentist make a customized crown, onlay, or veneer that offers a perfect fit and lets you complete the treatment in a single appointment. E4D Technologies is a high-tech medical device focused on 3D imaging, E4D CAD/CAM restorative systems, and other comprehensive software solutions for dental offices.

Thus, our in-house E4D system can create a 3D model of your mouth, analyze the structure to design a restoration that fits perfectly, and manufacture a dental restoration that matches your natural tooth color. The system also morphs the crown precisely to complete your “bite.” Research has shown that crowns developed by this precision-engineered system create crowns of superior quality that are unmatched by other crowns. Since they are made of a single block of porcelain, these crowns are extremely strong and long-lasting.

Advantages of Same-Day Dental Crowns

The new-found technology cuts down the dental restoration process by a huge margin. The advantages of same-day dental crowns created using E4D technology are as follows:

Quick Treatment: The first and most important advantage is the duration taken to create the ceramic crown. What earlier required a couple of weeks now takes only a few hours.

No temporary crowns: Temporary crowns, typically made of synthetic material, are given to the patient to wear until the permanent restorations are prepared in the lab. The temporary restorations are not strong or natural-looking as the permanent crowns. With same-day dental crown placement, there will be no need for temporary crowns.

No impressions: Dentists would usually take a dental impression using an impression tray that is filled with a goopy substance that can get messy or cause a gag reflex. The advanced E4D technology does not have any such requirement, and the digital impression is clean, comfortable, and quick.

So, if you have a missing tooth and are planning to get a dental implant restoration, consider going to a dental clinic that offers crowns using the new E4D technology. This will not only save time and energy but also assure a great replacement for your lost tooth.

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